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Cast Brass Check Valve (Control Devices)

250 psi maximum 450° F maximum temperature Cracking Pressure < 3 psi Model Size CB-13 1/8” CB-25 1/4” CB-38 3/8”

Check Valve – Male-Male (Control Devices)

250 psi maximum 40° F to 250° F Brass Model Size M2525 1/4”

Cold Start Valve (Control Devices)

CS -12 and CS -25 valves bleed air from the compressor head during the first few revolutions, thus reducing motor

LGM 30 Load Genie – Continuous Run Unloader (Control Devices)

The Load Genie Mark LGM 30 replaces the conventional three component system with all the economic advantages including elimination of

Control Devices Timer Drain 1/2” NPT Inlet 3/8″ NPT Outlet (JH53-0KWAA)

Inlet: 1/2” FIP Outlet: 3/8″ FIP Voltage: 115v Capacity: 2.72 GPM @100 PSI Maximum Pressure: 250 PSI Maximum Fluid Temperature:

Inline Check Valve (Control Devices)

IC valve can be installed in the discharge line of the compressor whenever an in-tank valve will not fit, and

Intank Check Valve – Compression Fitting (Control Devices)

Model Material SCFM Tube Comp MPT outlet C5038-STA Brass 20 1/2” 3/8” C5050-ST Brass 20 1/2” 1/2” SC1212 Steel 20

Intank Check Valve – NPT Threads (Control Devices)

Model Material SCFM FPT inlet MPT outlet P5050-ST Brass 20 1/2” 1/2” S1212 Steel 20 1/2” 1/2” P5075-ST Brass 30

Low Pressure Relief Valve (PR-25) (Control Devices)

Model PR low pressure relief valves are used in systems to maintain a desired pressure level. Model PR is a