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Breather Vents (4)

Filter Silencers (ALWITCO) (3)

Metal High Flow Mufflers (2)

Silencers - Plastic (3)

Silencers - Sintered Bronze (1)

Speed Controls (3)

Breather Vents - Stainless Steel (1)

Silencers - Stainless Steel (1)

Speed Controls - Stainless Steel (1)


Elements for F and M series (ALWITCO)

Model Size 3101 1/8” 3102 1/4” 3100 3/8” 3105 1/2” 3107 3/4” 3110 1” 3112 1 1/4” 3115 1 1/2”

Metal High Flow Mufflers – B-Series

Rugged design featuring corrosion-resistant all metal construction, high-flow capacity and minimal back pressure. When installed in the exhaust ports of

Metal High Flow Mufflers – MHM-Series

MHM-Series high flow mufflers feature a 50 mesh self cleaning stainless steel screen which are combined with a corrosion-resistant aluminum

Breather Vents

Model Size BV-1 F 18 1/8” BV-2 F 28 1/4” BV-3 F 38 3/8” BV-4 F 48 1/2” BV-6 F

F series (ALWITCO)

F series has both an outer and inner perforated guard plus an additional felt disc at the inlet for extra

Female Thread Breather Vents

Brass body and sintered bronze element 40 micron Maximum operating pressure 150 psi Operating temperature 35°F to 300°F Model Size

M series (ALWITCO)

M series has an outer perforated guard over the cellulose element. Filters out dirt particles as small as 5 micron.

Plastic Silencer

Plastic body and 50 mesh stainless steel screen Maximum operating pressure 150 psi Operating temperature 35°F to 120°F Model Size

Polyethylene Muffler

Polyethylene body & porous polyethylene element. Maximum operating pressure 150 psi Operating temperature 40°F to 195°F Model Size POM-1 1/8”

Polyethylene Silencer

Polyethylene body and polyvinyl element. Maximum operating pressure 130 psi Operating temperature 40°F to 140°F Model Size Length Dia PM-1

Screen Breather Vents – Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel wire element Nickel plated brass body Longer life under higher pressures Maximum operating pressure 300 psi Operating temperatures

Sintered Bronze Silencer

SBM muffler-filters utilize porous sintered bronze directly bonded to pipe thread fittings to diffuse air and muffle noise from the