Manufacturer of valves and controls for industrial air products. ASME-code/CRN stamped safety valves, check valves, pilot valves, unloader valves, throttle controls, and electronic drain valves.

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Cast Brass Check Valve (Control Devices)

250 psi maximum 450° F maximum temperature Cracking Pressure < 3 psi Model Size CB-13 1/8” CB-25 1/4” CB-38 3/8”

Check Valve – Male-Male (Control Devices)

250 psi maximum 40° F to 250° F Brass Model Size M2525 1/4”

Cold Start Valve (Control Devices)

CS -12 and CS -25 valves bleed air from the compressor head during the first few revolutions, thus reducing motor

LGM 30 Load Genie – Continuous Run Unloader (Control Devices)

The Load Genie Mark LGM 30 replaces the conventional three component system with all the economic advantages including elimination of

Inline Check Valve (Control Devices)

IC valve can be installed in the discharge line of the compressor whenever an in-tank valve will not fit, and

Intank Check Valve – Compression Fitting (Control Devices)

Model Material SCFM Tube Comp MPT outlet C5038-STA Brass 20 1/2” 3/8” C5050-ST Brass 20 1/2” 1/2” SC1212 Steel 20

Intank Check Valve – NPT Threads (Control Devices)

Model Material SCFM FPT inlet MPT outlet P5050-ST Brass 20 1/2” 1/2” S1212 Steel 20 1/2” 1/2” P5075-ST Brass 30

Low Pressure Relief Valve (PR-25) (Control Devices)

Model PR low pressure relief valves are used in systems to maintain a desired pressure level. Model PR is a

Non Code Relief Valve (Control Devices)

This safety valve though miniature in size has been designed to give high flow performance. NC valves incorporate many of